Why CSuite?

If you ask CFOs about the professional challenges and stresses they’ve experienced over many years (and we have), the one refrain you will hear time and again is that being a CFO is a lonely job. Often, CFOs don’t have the opportunity to have peer relationships with other CFOs and share the challenges they face.

If working with other successful, senior-level financial executives appeals to you, look into becoming a Partner at CSuite Financial Partners. The executives who join our firm have chosen a path to challenging, productive and rewarding careers.

If you are an experienced financial executive, becoming a CSuite Financial Partner affords many advantages that individuals in solo-practices cannot avail themselves of:

  • CSuite Financial Partners handles all negotiations, arrangements, and back office – maximizing Partner compensation.
  • While Financial Partners are on engagements, they benefit from CSuite’s on-going business development networking program, which serves to minimize the downtime they experience between assignments, thereby boosting their overall income.
  • CSuite Financial Partners have access to our exclusive assignments.
  • Our Partners can collaborate and consult with other partners through the CSuite Collaboration Network, gaining a sounding board for their ideas and growing their network.